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New Term for Friulano grape- JAKOT

Italian and Slovenian wine authorities in the Collio wine region have come up with a new name for wines made from the Friulano grape (Formerly Tokaj Friulano) – Jakot.

Collio -is now the official home of Jakot

. The spelling (Tokaj written backwards)– avoids conflict with the protected name of the Hungarian wine.

Some producers in Italy and Slovenia have been using that name unofficially, but it is now official, according to the Brda Wine Consortium in Slovenia.

Hungary does not want anyone confusing its Tokaj with the dry and aromatic Sauvignonasse or Sauvignon Vert grape (also known in Italy as Friulano) grown in both Slovenia and Italy but traditionally also called Tokaj.

The consortium had considered other options, including ‘Sauvignonasse’ or ‘Green Sauvignon, but that was a no-go for consumers because of a negative connotation of unripe wine.

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