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The Otto Hinderer Scholarship

A bursary of £500 per annum has been funded by Otto Hinderer in recognition of the commitment and work carried out by members of the Court of Master Sommeliers over the years.

The purpose and aim of the Award is to encourage more people to progress, increase wine knowledge and standards of wine service.

Two Advanced Sommelier Course candidates who have passed the Certified Sommelier Exam will be sponsored with a £250 contribution towards the cost of the Advanced Sommelier Course.  There will be two Awards per year, one for Courses/Exams that have taken place during January to June and the second during July to December. The Award will only be available if the candidate is attending an Advanced Course within a 24 month period following the presentation of the Award.

This Award will be open only to Sommeliers who are based in the UK and Europe and who will be attending a European based Advanced Sommelier Course.  The Award does not apply if there is already an Award offered for a particular course e.g. Austria.  The Award will be at the discretion of the Awarding Committee.

If multiple Courses/Exams are taking place during these periods, the self financed Candidate with the overall highest marks will be selected to receive the Award.

To apply for the Award, please send a short resumé of your career and a signed confirmation that you are self financed and not sponsored by an employer or other organisation to

The deadline for applications will be June 30th and December 31st. whichever is applicable for the period of Course/Exam taken.


Awarding Committee:

Dimitri Mesnard MS

Brian Julyan MS

Laura Rhys MS

Bryan Dawes MS

Ronan Sayburn MS

Otto Hinderer MS (Chair)


Update August 2017

Following discussions with the Awards Committee, the Scholarship now includes – in addition to the Advanced Course – a contribution 0f £250 towards the first attempt at the MS exam and  a Court of Master Sommelier logo embossed Chateau Laguiole Bottle Opener.  This is to mark the exceptional achievements  of the Scholarship Winners from several European Countries since the Award was created in 2012.

We are also delighted to announce that the 2016/17  Scholarships were awarded to Antoine Lehebel from Belgium and Adriaan Visser from the Netherlands.


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