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Pommard producers apply to create Grand Crus

  • By Laura Rhys

The union of producers in Pommard will apply to the French appellation authority INAO to promote the premier cru Rugiens and Epenots appellations to grand cru.

Since April this year, a geography and viticulture specialist has been working with Pommard vintners to produce a report to show how both Rugiens (just under 13 hectares) and Epenots (27 hectares) should be considered grand cru based on history, terroir and price.

One difficulty are distinctions between Rugiens Bas and Rugiens Haut and between Grands- and Petits-Epenots.

Pommard has 27 premier crus and its total vineyards total approx 320 hectares.



Machine Harvesting ban in Burgundy Grand Cru Monopoles

  • By Laura Rhys

Machine harvesting will be banned in Burgundy’s five grands crus monopoles from the 2011 vintage, with a complete ban across all grand cru vineyards expected by 2014.

The change will come into effect during the upcoming harvest.

While the law change only concerns the five grands crus monopoles, which already hand harvest 100% of their fruit, it is hoped this sets a precedent for the rest of Burgundy’s grands crus producers.

The aim is to eradicate machine harvesters in all grands crus by 2014.

The five grands crus monopoles have also reduced the maximum yield per hectare. And has also tightened the requirement that a varietal wine must contain 85% of the stated variety to 95%.

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