About Us

First and foremost, we are wine lovers! The Académie du Vin Library was founded by Steven Spurrier and friends and is dedicated to publishing the finest wine writing of the past, present, and future. The story behind the name comes from Steven’s days in Paris in the 1970s when he began running wine appreciation courses for his English-speaking friends. Read more here.

Our list is small – and will never be large – because we value quality over quantity. We choose our books with care – above all for their readability and because we genuinely believe they have something important to say about the world of fine wine that will enhance your drinking pleasure.

What we do

We publish several kinds of wine books, having acquired the world-renowned Classic Wine Library recently.

Our newly commissioned titles aim to bring you the best of modern wine writing. Anthologies, memoirs and literary explorations provide the colour, the background and the essential understanding on which any true enjoyment of fine wine depends. The ‘Wines of‘ series is the most trusted guide to the key wine regions and is written by world-class experts. Our books are wine writing at its finest.

We also publish beautiful new editions of old books that demand a new audience. Rather than simply republishing the books, we add updates and additional material that we think will appeal to a modern readership without destroying the charm or essential wisdom of the originals. Fine wine writing, like wine itself, represents an accumulation of knowledge over the ages. Our aim is to pick the best and let it breathe again.

We also offer a carefully curated collection of wine books from other authors and excellent writers with great passion and knowledge of fascinating wine regions and winemakers.

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