We have a very small number of CMS-branded Coravin Timeless Six + in chrome and piano black colour.

The Coravin wine system allows you to drink wine by the glass without opening the bottle. This innovative system is enhanced with a hollow needle pierced through the cork (and the capsule), allowing you to pour the wine via the needle. The space created in the bottle is filled with inert argon gas. Because of this gas, no oxygen will reach the wine.  As soon as you have filled your glass, pull out the needle, and the cork will close off hermetically to ensure it is airtight again. Each argon gas capsule lets you pour approximately 15 x 150 ml glasses of wine.

The pack contains a set of Coravin caps to ensure you can use your Coravin on wines with a screw cap; also, spare capsules, a carrying case and an aerator.

The price, including the shipping fee, is £320.00 – click here to order.