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Introductory and Certified Passes in Thallern, Austria

  • By Laura Rhys

A great result in Thallern, Austria recently – with 25 passes on the Introductory Course (100% pass rate) and a further 16 passed the Certified course. Well done all.

  • Charles Carron-Brown – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Robert Czeilinger – Passed Intro
  • Fiona Figlmüller – Passed Intro
  • Christian Fink – Passed Intro
  • Verena Hof – Passed Intro
  • Stefan How – Passed Intro
  • Joshua Kacimaiwai -Passed Intro
  • Michelle Klein – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Stefan Kobald – Passed Intro
  • Tomasz Kolecki-Majewicz – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Daniel Kortner – Passed Into
  • Norbert Kovacs – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Hans Weinefalk Larsson – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Jessica Marinzeck – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Kayetan Meissner – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Giuseppe Melcangi – Passed Intro
  • Arthur Nagele – Passed Intro
  • Carine Patricio – Passed Intro
  • Piotr Pietras – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Mattias Pitra – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Patrick Somweber – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Nenad Stojkovic – Passed Intro
  • Jan-Willem Van der Hek – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Jurgen Witschko – Passed Intro and Cert
  • Suvad Zlatic – Passed Intro
  • Lloyd Jusa – Passed Cert
  • Thomas Jurantisch – Passed Cert
  • David Haller – Passed Cert
  • Alphan Yilmaz – Passed Cert




Three new Master Sommeliers pass in London Exams

  • By Laura Rhys

We had a very international group for this years MS exam in London; candidates from Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and France. There were 24 candidates in total.

The UK restaurants represented included the Savoy, the Ritz, the Ledbury, the Fat Duck, Medlar, Northcote Manor, Zuma and Dinner.

Congratulations to three new Master Sommeliers – Kathrine Larsen from Denmark (who works at Zuma) Aristide Spies from Belgium (who was third in the last World Sommelier Competition in Tokyo) and Sebastien Crowther from Australia.

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