Advanced Sommelier Certificate

The Advanced Sommelier Certificate course is intended for persons with extensive wine service experience and who wish to develop their knowledge and service skills to a higher level.

Prospective candidates should be aware that the level is significantly higher than the Certified Sommelier Certificate and that it is, therefore, necessary to carry out considerable study in preparation for this course.

The programme is conducted over five days, with the final two and a half days devoted to examinations.

The lectures are presented by Master Sommeliers using a power-point format interspersed with a number of wine tastings, plus a practical service demonstration.

Candidates who satisfactorily gain this certificate will be able to:

  1. Discuss, recommend and serve aperitifs, spirits and liqueurs, displaying a sound knowledge of the products.
  2. Select, prepare and position glassware necessary for the service of drinks in the lounge, restaurant, function room or private suite.
  3. Present, offer, prepare (decanting where necessary) and serve wines, demonstrating a high degree of efficiency and proficiency.
  4. Discuss menu content and wine lists, recommending wines to accompany food, displaying a sound knowledge of the products, their vintages and characteristics.
  5. Handle queries and complaints with skill and diplomacy.
  6. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of Beverage Management including an ability to train beverage servers.
  7. Demonstrate an ability to sell.
  8. Orally describe the characteristics of wines.
  9. Analyse classic styles of wine, identifying where appropriate, grape varieties, country and district of origin, vintage and quality level.

The examination comprises three parts:

  1. 1-hour Theory paper of 24 multiple choice questions and 60 short answer questions – totalling 150 marks. A sample of the questions can be viewed here.
  2. Practical tasting of 6 wines tasted blind in 25 minutes.
  3. 45-minute Practical Service test.

The pass mark is 60% in each section.

All three sections must be passed together.

Riedel Sponsorship

The Riedel Trophy, a black inscribed swan neck decanter, is awarded to the candidate scoring the highest aggregate marks of all the Advanced examinations held in a calendar year.

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The Court of Master Sommeliers was established to encourage quality standards for beverage service in hotels and restaurants.

The first Master Sommelier examination was held in London, in the United Kingdom in 1969.

By 1977 the Court Of Master Sommeliers was established and has since become the premier examining body for Sommeliers worldwide.

Courses are now conducted regularly throughout Europe, Oceania, Asia and the Americas.

The website for the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas (North and South America plus Canada) can be found here.

The page for Court of Master Sommeliers Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) can be found here.