Proposals to create Sub districts within Penedes DO

The Penedes region of Spain is preparing for changes to its appellation system.

A campaign by the producers to demarcate the region into five or six sub-zones, with emphasis on promoting some superior sub-regions within the generic appellation.

There are two chains of mountains and a valley in the middle of Penedès, resulting in different microclimates and varying soil compositions – all these differences make five or six distinct areas which give different wines.’ Vines grow from sea level up to to 800m.

The proposed sub-regions are Penedès–Garraf, Ordal, Alt Penedes, Central Valley A and Central Valley B. A sixth sub-zone is still being decided upon.

A study to establish the boundaries for each sub-zone, is being conducted before submitting proposals to the Penedès Wine Council.this could take two years to implement.